Our goal is to help groups, organizations, even individuals who are struggling with fundraising to reach their goals. I'm sure you know people who have been selling candy, cookies or popcorn in front of stores or door-to-door to raise funds. We remember our son being pressed into service for his TKD group and how horrible he felt from the numerous rejections. For that matter both of us were scouts in our youth and for a shy child it was torture asking for charitable contributions from strangers. How many parents try to help out by bringing the mail-order schemes to the office to guilt their coworkers into helping raise the funds? How much time and energy was necessary for the amount of money raised? We questioned what percentage of that money actually went to the organization that did the work?

(note: the candy and popcorn companies actually only give 50 cents or less per piece... for all that work and anxiety)

Craft fairs are another fund raising tool. Vendors are charged for booth space. There needs to be a large space to accommodate each booth and the total income is dependent on the space available and the number of vendors. Each vendor is responsible for advertising. The quality and number of vendors depends on the results of the advertising success. You don't get a percentage of sales from the vendors.  Large organizations may have the resources for this kind of venture, but does yours?

(note: small fairs may only get $20 per booth... times say 20 booths is a total of $400 over a full day fair)

Now let's look at your standard jewelry party for fundraising. Most give 10% of sales to the hostess OR credits towards her purchase of jewelry.
The jewelry is usually assembly-line made and often not even precious metal or gemstones. The items chosen have to be ordered from a catalog, shipped 2-6 weeks later and then you have to distribute the items to the purchaser.
Colour's Jewelry Fundraising
how it works
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When Colour's Jewelry throws a party, you (the host person or group) earns 50% of sales.*  The place, the customers and whatever advertising is needed, is chosen by you.. Refreshments and other niceties can be offered.if you like. We provide the jewelry and displays including several tables and mirrors for your convenience. Below is a sampling of what we can provide, as well as pieces shown on this website. We have several hundreds more. All of our jewelry is one-of-a-kind, most include precious metal and gemstones. We even have a lower priced group of jewelry made with the same high standards of style and construction, but with less costly materials for customers with less money to spend who, nonetheless, wish to contribute to your cause.

The best part is that while doing something good for you they can also take something beautiful for themselves or as a present. Along with being altruistic, they enjoy the good feeling that giving to a charity provides, They also receive something of value inspiring even more generosity. Add to that the immediate gratification of getting both at the same moment and you have happy givers!
(This is what you will see and more of course)
Here's the MATH in simple terms. For ease of multiplication we will call one sale = $50. (As you can see from our website, the prices range from the $20s to the $100s.) In our experience few people buy only one item). Let's say your organization can get 50 people to purchase jewelry at a party (Again, in our experience people come to a jewelry party expecting that they will buy something). That's 50 X $50 = $2,500. We split the proceeds 50/50*, so your group makes $1,250 for 2-3 hrs. of the party, a space and some pre-party organizational work. There is virtually no work necessary after the party, just counting your money and a little cleanup.

Now, from that model figure out what your organization can conceivably make. How many more people would be inclined to help with your fundraising efforts if it didn't involve the negatives of the other methods? Talk to us; let us customize a party to YOUR needs, YOUR goals.

(note: People go to a party to buy... whether it's Jewelry or Tupperware or Pampered Chef etc. People go to a Craft Fair to look)

*Please help us reach the groups that need to raise funds. The people who connect us with an organization and help to set up a jewelry party get a 10% finder's fee based on the total sales from the party before the 50/50 split. We pay 5% and the group pays 5% for your service.


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