About the Artisans
Occasionally a man-made gem is so beautiful that its use allows a piece to be designed that can be sold at even more reasonable cost. They are always identified as such and will be priced accordingly. This isn't to suggest that man-made is inferior. A man-made gem such as a ruby is still a true ruby, just not a natural one. A good man-made ruby could still cost $200/carat in a jewelry store. Of course you won't see Goldfinch's Colour's Jewelry at those prices! You'll find quality pieces in a variety of different styles that are only produced once.
Although no two pieces will ever be made exactly alike, commission pieces can be made for groups (such as for bridesmaids) that are similar. A swatch of fabric can insure that colors coordinate. Style, length and materials can be customized to insure that each piece of jewelry works for the woman wearing it. Can you think of a more special gift to remember your occasion by?
Years later Len's interest in gems sparked his wife, Robin's creative outlet of crafting beaded jewelry. What started as fun became a passion and then a business. They personally pick all of the gems, stones and findings and together create one of a kind jewelry.  After Len has set a gemstone to be used in a necklace, Robin takes over and designs the right combination of beads to compliment the pieces. She also uses her imagination to create designs of beading without mounted gems. All of the photography of the jewelry and models, of course, is done by Len. Together they give you beautiful pieces of jewelry you can't find elsewhere for prices well below the usual price of the stones alone.
If you were to go to a jewelry store to compare prices of pieces with a similar amount of gemstones you would discover that what they have on sale costs much more. Forget about full price! Len once showed a gorgeous faceted amethyst he had acquired from Asia to a jeweler who admitted he couldn't cut it himself for the price paid.

Sometimes it's a gem or stone that sparks the creative juices. Other times it's a color or pattern that inspires the design. Travel broadens the exposure to design choices and influences of every kind can be seen in the range of styles.
Len started out in photography at Fashion Institute of Technology.  Since he was required to take additional art courses he chose jewelry design for fun. That fun course got him interested in gems.
Meanwhile, Robin was also studying at F.I.T. to go into advertising and she also took jewelry design as an elective for fun. In her advertising career she worked in the fashion industry and later did the layouts for a jewelry designer.

As a result of the internet, the world is becoming smaller and with a little research Len discovered how and where to buy gems directly from the cutters. He found out how much of the cost of gems is added by all the middle men involved and decided that cutting them out of the equation would reduce the cost of producing gemstone jewelry at a much more reasonable price. By getting precious gemstones at below wholesale costs he could afford to dabble in buying and setting gems.
You are an individual. Your jewelry should be too! 
Robin Lambert
Len Lambert
Created in the USA
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